Things to see and do

Blayney boasts 3 hotels, bowling and golf clubs, numerous cafes and restaurants for your dining and entertainment needs. Blayney caters all year round for the sports enthusiast with squash and tennis courts and a fully equipped gym, with indoor heated swimming pool. Kids are also catered for with the fantastic children’s playground, Heritage Park.

Surrounding District


Blayney is surrounded by picturesque villages. The village of Carcoar, heritage listed by the National Trust, is nestled in a scenic valley only a 5-minute drive west of Blayney. Millthorpe, located 10km north of Blayney, is a quaint village which has recently seen a resurgence. With numerous restaurants, cafes, antiques and art galleries, Millthorpe is popular with both locals and visitors alike.

The historic gold fields town of Lyndhurst is located 25min Southwest of Blayney. 7km from Lyndhurst is the historic Junction Reefs Dam built as a water supply and for hydroelectric power in 1896. In 1985 it was identified as an item of NSW Environmental Heritage by the NSW Heritage Council.

There are many other historic villages worth visiting including, Newbridge, Neville and Mandurama to name a few. Carcoar Dam & Wind Farm – Carcoar Dam is a great spot for fishing, sailing and picnicking. Majestic and mesmerizing, the 15 turbines of the Blayney Wind Farm can be viewed from Carcoar Dam.