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Blayney & Villages Tourist Park

Address: 18 Quamby Place, Blayney, NSW 2799, Australia

Phone: 02 6368 4455

E-mail: blayneytouristpark@bigpond.com

Opening hours: 8am - 6pm, 7 days a week

Blayney & Villages Tourist Park is the accommodation location to choose for a quiet relaxing stay in Central West NSW. The park has many types of accommodation available including, powered and unpowered caravan sites, 2,4, and 5 person cabins.

Blayney & Villages Tourist Park’s guest list frequently features a nice mix of mature, friendly travelers and busy workers, the accommodation is spread out across a large block of land. You can anticipate a peaceful and tranquil stay, while still having all the convenience and facilities of a Big and Busy Park.

We pride ourselves on spotlessly clean facilities, we are helped greatly in this regard by the quality of guests who are courteous and considerate. The Amenities block is conveniently located in the center of the park, so no matter which part of the park you’re in the amenities block isn’t far away.

A Great Location and Idyllic Surroundings

Blayney & Villages Tourist Park is situated in Blayney which is near Bathurst in the heart of the Central Tablelands of NSW. The quiet, spacious park is located within walking distance of Blayney town centre. The Tourist Park backs on to lush farm land, with the green paddocks and tree lined hills enhancing the peaceful serene feeling of the park.

Blayney is situated approximately half an hour’s drive from both Bathurst and Orange. With a population of over 3000, Blayney is 242km west of Sydney on the Mid Western Highway.

As the administrative centre for Blayney Shire, Blayney is the ideal base from which to explore the historic surrounding villages and the rest of the central west.

Blayney is the ideal jumping off point to explore some great natural beauties such as Carcoar Dam, Wyangala Dam, Jenolan caves, Mount Canobolas, and Gold rush area Ophir. Blayney is surrounded by picturesque villages. The village of Carcoar, heritage listed by the National Trust, is nestled in a scenic valley only a 5-minute drive west of Blayney.

Millthorpe, located 10km north of Blayney, is a quaint village which has recently seen a resurgence. With numerous restaurants, cafes, antiques and art galleries.

The historic gold fields town of Lyndhurst is located 25min Southwest of Blayney. 7km from Lyndhurst is the historic Junction Reefs Dam built as a water supply and for hydroelectric power in 1896. In 1985 it was identified as an item of NSW Environmental Heritage by the NSW Heritage Council.

There are many other historic villages worth visiting too, including, Newbridge, Neville and Mandurama to name a few. Carcoar Dam & Wind Farm – Carcoar Dam is a great spot for fishing, sailing and picnicking.

Majestic and mesmerizing, the 15 turbines of the Blayney Wind Farm can be viewed from Carcoar Dam.

Blayney has many fine cafes, restaurants and pubs, and for those who like to explore fine coffee food and wine Bathurst, Orange and Milthorpe are a veritable treasure trove. Be prepared you might just have your best ever meal, cup of coffee or glass of wine in one of these places.

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